Bodyment : A Playful Reimagination of Self

The way we carry our bodies and use our voices are essential to our experiences of the world. Often, we are encumbered by all the habits we learned unconsciously as merely means of survival. This course develops participants awareness of their bodies and voices, and the forces that inhibit their freedom. Then, we offer personalized games and exercises that aim to release us from our inhibitors and thereby teach us that the body should not be considered as a burden of shame when it can be an instrument of joy. Freedom in one’s body and voice is essential to improving confidence, embodying honesty and practicing resilience. Although the experience of our classes will be personal, they will also be shared so that each partcipant may witness other bodies blossoming out of shame and fear. We promise to help you develop your attentiveness to non-verbal message that often fly over us, even though they carry the most important emotional information. In a world and city constantly etching distance between people and communities, we need now to reestablish connection to our  bodies and therefore to each other.

This course is an intesnsive introduction to  dramaturgy, role playing, games, movement principles and voice exercises to achieve its aims. By working with acclaimed dramatical text and developing your own, you will practice free movement of your mind, your body and your voice.

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