In 2006, a veteran of the Biafran war is suspended from his new position as one of the highest civil officers, accused of stealing money he promised he never touched. For 8 years in court, he fought against the Nigerian government for what he believed to be a defamation of character. Irregardless of the strength of his fight, the court made a decision that took him away from his family, friends, wealth, authority and eventually, took him away from his idea of himself as a Man.

In 2014, he was convicted to 15 years in prison.

In 2003, a policeman in Trinidad is suspended from his office. He soon after starts hearing voices that accuse him of not being a Man. The voices use sexuality as a weapon against his Manhood...they call him gay not as neutral fact but as an accusation that should fill him with shame. The voices progressively worsen in intensity and violence, saying other things that keep him afraid of not being Man enough to play the role of Father, Husband, Son and Friend. In 2016, the upright man decides he can no longer live a life in and out of psychiatric wards.

He took his own life that year.

Both men belong to us as father.